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Pearls and Swine(1997)


Lisa wants to take a cruise, hubby Finnbogi schemes to make money. He buys a dilapidated bakery. They get lucky when Karolina, who bakes great cakes, offers to work for them. She's the mother of Marta, head of the area's largest bakery, and the two have quarreled. Marta can't abide mom's rebellion or the rival bakery's success, so she inveigles Finnbogi to invest in porn toys without telling Lisa. Where does he get the cash? From his son Bjartmar, who has promised Russian sailors he'll arrange the purchase of ten Landas. The Russians are coming to collect their cars, Finnbogi hasn't sold a single dildo, hard-bitten Marta plans one more nasty trick. How can Lisa get her cruise?

Director: Oskar Jónasson
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Release Date:
Status: Released
Run time: 82 min / 1:22
Production Country: Iceland
Rating IMDB: 4.8/10 (3 votes)


Directing Oskar Jónasson Director
Writing Oskar Jónasson Writer

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