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Ma Dong-seok (born Lee Dong-seok on March 1, 1971) is a South Korean actor best known for his supporting roles in The Neighbor, Nameless Gangster, and The Unjust. He also played leading roles in Norigae, Murderer and One on One. Under his Westernized real name Don Lee and before he turned to acting, he was once the personal trainer of mixed martial artists Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman


백두산 (2020)
The Eternals (2020)
시동 (2019)
나쁜 녀석들: 더 무비 (2019)
as Park Woong-cheol
악인전 (2019)
성난황소 (2018)
as Dong-chul
동네사람들 (2018)
as Ki-chul
원더풀 고스트 (2018)
as Jang-Soo
신과함께-인과 연 (2018)
as Sung-ju, Household God
챔피언 (2018)
as Mark
신과함께-죄와 벌 (2017)
as Sung-ju, Household God
부라더 (2017)
as Seok-bong
범죄도시 (2017)
as Ma Seok-do
특별시민 (2017)
as Advertising model
두 남자 (2016)
as Hyeong-seok
부산행 (2016)
as Sang Hwa
굿바이 싱글 (2016)
as Park Pyung-gu
함정 (2015)
as Sung-Chul
베테랑 (2015)
as Big Guy with Sportswear
악의 연대기 (2015)
as Detective Oh
상의원 (2014)
as Pan-soo
군도: 민란의 시대 (2014)
as Chun-Bo
일대일 (2014)
as a Leader of Shadow
살인자 (2014)
as Joo-hyeop (주협)
결혼전야 (2013)
as Gun-Ho
더 파이브 (2013)
as Daeho
배우는 배우다 (2013)
as Gang boss
감기 (2013)
as Jeon Kook-Hwan
뜨거운안녕 (2013)
as Moo Sung
Azooma (2013)
as Detective Ma
노리개 (2013)
as Lee Jang-ho
신세계 (2013)
as Section Chief Jo
반창꼬 (2012)
as Head of Firefighter team
이웃사람 (2012)
as Ahn Hyuk-Mo
인류멸망보고서 (2012)
as High School Zombie
범죄와의 전쟁 (2012)
as Hubby Kim
퍼펙트 게임 (2011)
as Park Man-soo
통증 (2011)
as Beom-no
as Kim Joo-cheol
우리 만난 적 있나요 (2010)
as Seung-hwan
부당거래 (2010)
as Ma Dae-ho
심야의 FM (2010)
as Son Deok-Tae
국가대표 (2009)
as Detective
인사동 스캔들 (2009)
as Sang-baek
좋은 놈, 나쁜 놈, 이상한 놈 (2008)
as Bear
비스티 보이즈 (2008)
as Chang-woo
천군 (2005)
as Hwang Sang-wook
Dance With The Wind (2004)
as Tteokbokki brother
챔피언 (2018)
Executive Producer
범죄도시 (2017)
Executive Producer