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Wilmette, Illinois, USA:


Bennett stars in the immensely popular "It's Not Complicated" campaign for AT&T, a series of ads in which he plays the wry, deadpan moderator of a focus group populated by precocious children. "Do you guys think it's better to be fast than be slow?" he'll prompt the kids, gathered around him at a comically child-size table. The kids go on energetic, meandering rants about werewolves and islands made of candy. Bennett blinks in response, unamused. The nation, judging by the social-media buzz and YouTube views the ads receive, is very amused.


as (voice)
as Tyson
as Launchpad McQuack
as Detective Bander
as Lance (voice)
as Luke
as Geoff Mille (uncredited)
as Christopher
as Adam
as John
as Dick
as Joshua
as Tom
as Todd