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Montreal, Québec, Canada:


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Christy Chung (born 19 September 1970) is a Canadian actress and restaurateur. She is best known for starring in films Mermaid Got Married, The Bodyguard from Beijing, Love on Delivery and Jan Dara.


一吻定情 (2019)
as Jiang's mother
Into the Rainbow (2017)
as Mei
神笔马娘 (2016)
將錯就錯 (2015)
as Singaporean Police Officer
壞姐姐之拆婚聯盟 (2014)
人間蒸發 (2013)
越来越好之村晚 (2013)
海島樂園 (2012)
亲密敌人 (2011)
as Lucy Lee
李小龍 (2010)
as Grace Ho Oi-Yu
凶男寡女 (2005)
as Moon Siu
Jing xin dong po (2004)
as Mandy
鬼馬狂想曲 (2004)
as Jane Lam
The Medallion (2003)
as Mrs Charlotte Watson
จันดารา (2001)
as Khun Boonlueang
འཁོར་བ། (2001)
as Pema
特警新人類2 (2000)
as Insp. Chung
中華賭俠 (2000)
as Jersy's girlfriend
Cold War (2000)
as Maria
Tau mung (2000)
as Sophia Chung
最佳拍檔之醉街拍檔 (1997)
as Lei Lai-Shan
陰陽路 (1997)
as Mrs. To
97家有囍事 (1997)
as Little Suen
食神 (1996)
as Cameo
太極拳 (1996)
as Rose
運財智叻星 (1996)
as Angel of Nine Heavens
Pan ni qing yuan (1995)
as Dang Ling
虎猛威龍 (1995)
as Christy
旺角的天空 (1995)
as Yung
冒险游戏 (1995)
as Wan Duen / Tina
流氓醫生 (1995)
as Jamie
珠光寶氣 (1994)
as Pearl Ko
人魚傳說 (1994)
as Mermaid
中南海保鑣 (1994)
as Michelle Yeung
戀愛的天空 (1994)
as Ady
神探磨轆 (1994)
as Ron
九品芝麻官 (1994)
as Stone Mansion
破壞之王 (1994)
as Lily
白髮魔女傳2 (1993)
as Moon Ling Yuet Yee
至尊卅六計之偷天換日 (1993)
as Lily